There’s always been a pen in my hand and question on my mind. From an early age, I tried to make sense of the world through words; by filling marbled notebooks and devouring novels and news, I created a world for myself where letters drew a stronger story than images. The ideas and experiences I studied in college made me believe that I could change the world through words.

Spending my twenties exploring life in 3-D, I traveled from Honduras to Rwanda, Brooklyn to Juneau listening to the stories of everyone I encountered, unable to stop even the most egregious straphanger on the subway from sharing. I advocated for women’s rights in the Central American mountains, small business development in Kigali, health insurance for hourly restaurant workers in New York City, and exploration of Alaska’s small towns.

And in spite of the heartbreaking, infuriating, and even mundane, I remain eager to help people explain what makes them tick. I knit the fabric of personal experience with the cultural and political norms through which they occur. 

Send me a note & let me help you tell your story.